About us

Fairs today are one of the most important forms of promotion and ways to get to know the market. Their significance does not decline despite the development of the Internet and new technologies. Direct contact is still an important part of doing business. The fair remains a place of discovering new products and new ideas, recognizing competitors and potential partners, as well as providing new clients. Our idea is to enable interested parties to keep up to date with the fairs related to the fairs and to emphasize the importance of this sector that is in continuous development. To provide information about trade fairs, encourage the participation of domestic companies at foreign fairs and vice versa – to attract foreign companies to participate in our fairs as visitors or exhibitors. We will strive to provide information on the needs and news on the market, to connect our and foreign companies. Initially, we will deal primarily with fairs in Italy, since Italy is easily accessible and Italy and Serbia have a traditionally successful trade exchange. Italy is today one of Serbia’s main economic partners: as the main export market for Serbian products. but also a leading foreign investor with over 600 Italian companies present in Serbia. In this sense, our main activities will be focused on the promotion of trade fairs in Serbia and Italy, as well as providing support to Italian and Serbian companies interested in business cooperation. By our blog, we will try to provide key information on relevant fairs. We are also available to support organizing, translating and arranging meetings for companies, associations and individuals who are interested in exhibiting at fairs or just visiting them.